Style ORGAN Basic Model


  The Style ORGAN Basic Model is a virtual music instrument for Windows inspired by  famous Classic Organ.

                                   VST Plugin   Style ORGAN v 1.0.2 P8 B   Basic Model    VisareTone™


   Required  VST Host Windows-32bit.

   Combo of  legendary Tonewheels Organ and old  idea of analog synthesizer.


   Classic Vibrate and Rotary Sound, Small Church, Gothic or Cathedral Organ, Gentle - Heavenly Voices, 

   and many dynamic - expressive Modern Sounds.            Bank -128 Presets.


   Nine Standard Drawbars: 16’- 5(1/3)’- 8’ - 4’ - 2(2/3)’ - 2’ - 1(3/5)’ - 1(1/3)’ - 1’.

   Adjustable Key Click and Percussion- Decay, Level, Color Click, Mix.

   Intensity Harmonic for an individual Drawbar - On/Off.

   Delay and Wide Pan, Joystick Twin Filter.

   Many another at main Panel and container UNIT / LFO, Pitch, Level, Twin Filter - combine Low Pass, Hi Pass and Band Pass /.


   Medium CPU and intuitive Interface



   MIDI Easy  Style ORGAN


   The MIDI Easy Style ORGAN is a Virtual Keyboard for control  an another  VST Plugin instrument.

   You can play with the PC keyboard and mouse on two manuals simultaneously .

                                  VST Plugin  MIDI Easy Style ORGAN v 1.2.1 M2    VisareTone™


   Required  VST Host Windows-32bit.

   Dual manual  - Keys 49+4.

   Transpose Octave 1 and Octave 2 for two manuals from -2 to +3.

   Setting Channel Input   MIDI,

   Setting Channel Output MIDI.


   Minimum CPU

   MIDI Style ORGAN.


   The MIDI Style ORGAN is a Virtual Keyboard for control an another  VST Plugin instrument and effect.

   You can play with the PC keyboard and mouse on two manuals simultaneously.

                                  VST Plugin  MIDI  Style ORGAN v 1.3.2 M2    VisareTone™


   Required  VST Host Windows-32bit.

   Dual manual  Keys 61. 

   Setting factory for instrument Style ORGAN.  


   Four Sliders Adjustable:

   Click, Percussion, Delay, Reverb.

   Ten Knobs Adjustable: 

   Harmonic, Attack, Sustain, Pan, Vibrato, Balance1, Balance2, Level1, Level2, Volume.

   Four Switches On / Off::

   S1, S2, S3, S4.


   Switch Slow Fast,

   Switch Distortion On/Off,

   Switch Rotor On/Off,

   Switch Organ On/Off.


   Transpose Octave -2 to +3.

   Setting Channel Input MIDI,

   Setting Channel Output MIDI.


   Low CPU and intuitive Interface

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