The Dual Model  Style ORGAN for two manual MIDI Keyboard.


                          VST Plugin  Style ORGAN v 1.1 P8 DS   Dual Model    VisareTone™

   Required  VST Host Windows-32bit

   Combo of simulation of  legendary Tonewheels Organ and old idea of  analog synthesiser.


   Classic Vibrate and Rotary Sound, Small Church or Cathedral Organ, Gentle- Heavenly Voices and many dynamic -expressive Modern Sounds. Bank -128 Presets.

   Manual 1, Manual 2
Nine Standard Drawbars

   Adjustable Key Click and Percussion - Decay, Level, Color Click, Mix-2nd 3rd.
   Intensity Harmonic for an individual Drawbar -  On/Off.
   Delay and Wide Pan, Joystick Twin Filter.
   Scanner Vibrato, Chorus
   Envelope ADSR.

   Many another at main Panel and container UNIT /LFO, Pitch, Level,Twin Filter-combine LowPassBand Pass and Hi pass/.


   Medium CPU and intuitive Interface

The  Rotor Style ORGAN is a virtual simulation of effect sounds the Rotary Speaker Bass and Treble Horn. 

                 VST Plugin Rotor Style ORGAN v 1.5 RD    VisareTone™

   Required  VST Host Windows-32bit


   VST plugin effect for Classic Organ, Electric Guitar and more instruments.


   Precise setting of modulation for the Bass and Treble.

   Simulation  the effect Doppler, tremolo and tonal modulation.

   Acceleration and Deceleration time  for the Bass and Treble rotation.

   Separate Distortion  for the Bass and Treble.


   Bank --54 Presets.


   Low CPU and intuitive Interface